November 30, 2023

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Gasoline: Prices rise again, “deceleration” slows – What happens when oil is heated – Newsbomb – News

Gasoline: Prices rise again, “deceleration” slows – What happens when oil is heated – Newsbomb – News

“There is no such thing as cheap fuel, beware of adulterated petrol,” he warned Chairman of Attica Gas Station, Maria JagaI’m talking

In this… Outrageous levels “climbed” again Price her Petrol, renewed concern among consumers by the price “rally”. Indeed, the price of unleaded oil “rocketed” as it was 2,449 euros per liter at a gas station in Metaxorgio, Athens.

An “unnatural, strange and uncanny” phenomenon was spoken of Chairman of Attica Gas Station, Maria JagaWhile we “broke” the barrier of 1.90 Euros per litre, diesel prices were stuck, which worries us”

“The price of unleaded oil is falling, with oil “stuck” at 1.80 euros.

“I got unleaded petrol today (06/10) and the price has dropped. Th cost of Motor oil He got it “stuck”. Because, when it was 2 euros, it slowly “broke” it to 1.90 euros (based on the invoices I have) and today, it is around 1.89 euros. Yes, we say oil is “stuck” at 1.80 euros and above, depending on tariffs. However, the price of unleaded “falls”.

If – hypothetically speaking – we had October 13 And this disposal of Oil HeatingThe price will not be as we estimated a few days ago, ie 1.50 euros – 1.60 Euro. If this continues, we can achieve 1.40 euros. However, this depends on the invoices we have in hand.

The industry moves based on that roof. By the end of the year, the profit margin is “locked in” and we cannot cross it. When this happened at the end of August 2021, some had a small percentage and others a large percentage. That’s why you see big differences. However, they are legal. The test is being conducted Profitable, adulterated fuel and “teased” pumps are the hardest thing to “catch”. We have been emphasizing this issue time and again,” he said at the outset.

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2.44 euros per liter of unleaded petrol – “unnatural, strange, strange”

About her Price of 2.44 Euros for one Liter of unleaded At a gas station Silk factoryThe Maria Jaga He noted, “For this particular gas station to get this price, it must have a corresponding charge. How expensive is he to sell for 2.44 euros? It’s unnatural.

The Government, should we not send inspection bodies to look into this case? We should all see the observatory. If you “raise” your prices, you will pay Well done. The watchdog monitors our prices and checks everyone to see who is selling more and who is selling less. The specific price for Attica seems strange, strange to me. There is no other word.”

“They even asked me for a contract in my last check. The strangest thing our peers discuss with each other is its cost Motor oil It does not back down. Like petrol, its price may be reduced internationally, but it remains the same “stuck” That worries us. All businesses have diesel cars. In this way, the delivery of services and products is burdensome, there is an impact”, Ms Jaga later added.

Regarding the price difference between Attica and the Greek Islands, the President Attica Gas Station He emphasized, “They always make a big difference, because they greatly affect transportation, which is very expensive. Gas station owners cannot absorb this cost and, as a result, send it to the final product.

The Fuel oil Being transported on a ship is dangerous because it is a flammable substance. Many a times, we have received complaints from the industry that companies are asking them to carry certain quantities to avoid shipping. That’s why, many times, you see prices that are “stuck” on the islands because they’re not our revenue.

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People keep them Invoice And through them, they are controlled. If they are illegal, they will be fined (5,000 euros) and if they are legal, they will be exempt.”

“There is no such thing as cheap fuel, beware of adulterated petrol”

“The burning issue is worrying Blended fuel And they are “teasing” Pipes. People’s complaints are not so much about the price hike, but mainly that what they buy is not consistent with the right quantity and quality.

They put Petrol Sometime later, they go to a repair shop with a problem, and they are told it’s a gasoline problem. That is why I speak openly. There is no such thing as cheap fuel. How do they sell cheaply? I’m going crazy, do they have other imports? Let them say that we too can learn”, she concluded Chairman of Attica Gas Station, Maria JagaI’m talking

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