July 20, 2024

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Gaston Hernandez and the Biancons Freire is the one who will decide if there is a move for another stopper

Gaston Hernandez and the Biancons Freire is the one who will decide if there is a move for another stopper

Gaston Hernandez continues to be of interest to Olympiacos, as is the possibility of acquiring another goalkeeper. Who are the players who top the red and white list and who will decide whether there will be a transfer or not.

Olympiacos puts him in the first line of its preferences Gaston Hernandez Before the winter transfer window and he will aim to find the golden ratio this time with San Lorenzo.

The Argentine side rejected a €3.8 million bid from the Red and Whites last summer, but things are not the same as the centre-back’s contract expires in a year.

At the same time, there is a possibility that the Piraeus club will search the international market for a second central defender, either for January or the summer, with Jose Luis Palomino And the Felipe To be at the top of the relevant list.

But at the present time, according to information, the burden has fallen on Gaston Hernandez for several reasons. Piraeus have been monitoring him for several months, and Cordon and Navarro dealt with his case in the summer, with Olympiacos making an offer for San Lorenzo.

Gaston and Essie Rodney’s Passports

The Argentine footballer is one of the best centre-backs in the local league. He is at an excellent age as he will turn 26 at the beginning of January. He is keen on moving to a European team and is aware of the great interest in him from the Red and Whites.

Gaston Allan Hernandez, as his full name is, does not have a community passport, but in the Piraeus team they want a leader player alongside Rizzo and we must not forget that Issy and Rodney are waiting to obtain the Polish and Portuguese passports respectively until the end. December.

Beyond that, the sporting director and coach of Olympiacos are examining the possibility of acquiring a second goalkeeper and in goal there are two players whose contracts expire in the summer.

Palomino Cases – Felipe

The red and white team will seek to close one of them in January or take over one of them from now for the summer. These are experienced and quality players, endowed with rich performance and leadership qualities.

the Palomino, who will turn 34 in early January, will be released by Atalanta in June, has played just 15 minutes this season and holds a community (Bulgarian) passport. The Argentine goalkeeper started his career from San Lorenzo and apart from Atalanta, he played for Argentina Juniors, Metz and Ludogorets.

the Felipe The 34-year-old, a summer signing from Nottingham Forest, has played just one game this season in the Carabao Cup against Harrogate Town at the start of September and is open to a move.

The Brazilian defender, who does not hold a European Union passport, played for Bragadino, Coebra, Corinthians, Porto and Atletico Madrid.

Regarding the purchase of the second goalkeeper, a lot will be judged by his image Biancon Ferry until Christmas. Martinez expects a lot from the players, and Olympiacos has eight important matches in Greece and Europe until the end of the year before the transfer window officially opens.

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