June 23, 2024

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Giorgos Liagas and Maria Antona took a small vacation in Poros – the posts that “betrayed” them.

Giorgos Liagas and Maria Antona took a small vacation in Poros – the posts that “betrayed” them.

Maria Antona and Jorge Liagas enjoyed their weekend in Poros.

The two uploaded photos from Argosaronic Island on social media, without specifying whether they had gone there together or separately.

“Lost in paradise,” Giorgos Liagas wrote in a post, while Maria Antona shared a story.

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Maria Antona responds to her relationship rumors with Giorgos Liagas: We hang out and have a good time

Giorgos Liagas – Maria Antona: joint appearance and relationship rumors

“It is important that Maria and George alone, with a larger group, spend a nice weekend in Poros,” commented Stamatina Tsimtsili, presenting a related report.

“Happy Day” report by Maria Antonas and Giorgos Liagas

Publications want Maria Antonas and Giorgos Liagas to have a relationship, which they have neither confirmed nor denied. Maria Antuna was content to just comment that she was hanging out with the well-known broadcaster.

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“I’m fine, very nice, very nice. I’m preparing for my summer vacation, but at the moment, I’m busy. What do you want me to answer about the reports about my personal life? Didn’t we say before that I’m really fine and refreshed? This has to do with a person’s inner world. I Very fine, I’m fine, I’m enjoying life, I’m enjoying the hugs,” he said to the “Breakfast SuSu” camera.

When asked what’s going on with Giorgos Liagas, Maria Antona replied: “As you saw, we’re hanging out and having a good time. Even there.”

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