April 24, 2024

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Gmail (for Android) gets the feature it was missing

Gmail (for Android) gets the feature it was missing

One of the best and most popular email apps for Android is missing a key feature that it should have had from day one. An important feature that has been available for years on iOS. It's time to finally add them.

“Select All” and Hands… Solved

The Gmail app did not have a “Select All” option for those who wanted to manage their mail and had to manually select each message individually if they wanted to proceed with deletion.

A typical example of how to use it

It seems that Google has finally listened to its users after a long time and has completed the development of the said feature. It is expected that this feature, which is not yet available on all phones, will be available to everyone via updates soon.

Instructions for use

Tapping and holding on an email in the top right opens a small square box with “Select All.” If you select it, it selects all emails displayed on the page that will be deleted. The function is enabled by swiping down to mark additional messages for deletion. Deleted emails will be kept in the trash for 30 days and will be permanently deleted after that time.

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