April 24, 2024

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Google brings satellite messaging to Android 15 – Android

Google brings satellite messaging to Android 15 – Android

Google has introduced the second preview of Android 15 Aimed at developers, it comes with the long-awaited support for satellite communications, as well as various improvements in the field of contactless payments, multi-language recognition, voice stability, and PDF interaction through applications.

These closed betas provide an opportunity to test features that will likely be available in the final public release scheduled for release later this year. According to Google, public betas should be available for testing between April and July.

The new developer beta addresses some of the inconveniences and security concerns raised by OS users, such as improving apps' ability to understand why certain services are unavailable when devices use a satellite connection. Meanwhile, we have the first official confirmation that Android 15 will support satellite messaging, with a Google press release stating that the new preview includes support for “already installed RCS apps to use a satellite connection to send and receive messages.”

For the first time, we also have screenshot recognition, a function that allows apps to notify users if their activity has been recorded. The reliability of contactless payments has also been improved for those apps that use NFC, while Android 14 improves multilingual voice recognition, with interruptions recorded when the user switches from one language to another.

The small external displays on split phones are expected to become more useful as developers gain instant access to more ways to interact with them, while support for the new CTA-2075 audio standard is expected to help OS users tune out audio that fluctuated sharply. When switching from one application to another. Finally, Google is making “significant improvements” to PDF functionality in the apps, adding support for password-protected files, comments, formatting adjustment, search, and selecting text to copy.

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