November 28, 2023

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Google Chrome will add a feature for the messiest users

Google Chrome will add a feature for the messiest users

Its own development team Google Chrome You’re setting up a brand new feature that you hope will make life a little easier for most people…chaotic Users That leaves countless tabs open And they can’t manage it. In particular, in the near future the browser will get a new button in the upper left corner of the user interface, inside the drop-down menu that currently allows searching through open tabs and reopening recently closed tabs. This button will be called new “Organize tabs” It will do exactly what you imagine.

When you dig into the details, this new feature is a natural evolution of the existing Tab Groups tool It will automatically be able to organize the user’s open tabsIf there is any similarity between them. After they are categorized, the tabs can be added to the corresponding groups, if the user so desires, with the possibility of giving any name to each group. The inspiration for this feature is the typical cluttered desk, which if tidied up by placing documents in designated colored folders, can work more smoothly and quickly.

In case you didn’t know, tab groups in Chrome actually serve as a powerful tool to combat the clutter of countless open tabs by allowing users to group similar tabs together. With automatic Tab Organisation, the team wants to enhance the use of this feature further.

At the moment, we do not know exactly when the new feature will be available to everyone, but at the moment Google is collecting feedback about the Canary version of the browser. You can watch a video roughly explaining how Tab Organization works in the following post.

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