February 22, 2024

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Google: Find out if your passwords have been leaked to the dark web

Google: Find out if your passwords have been leaked to the dark web

Free Google service – the process in detail

Through Google's free service, users can find out if their information has been leaked to the dark web.

These are items like namefor him mobile Number But even them Security passwordsWhich the user can find out if it has been released on the dark web by following specific steps recommended by Google.

If these details are indeed leaked, Google will show a relevant notification in the user's account for that To take the necessary measuresSuch as changing passwords.

To find out if their email is on the dark web, the user must follow these steps:

  • Go to one.google.com
  • Click where it says Dark Web Reference Try it now.

This way it will show you if your email or any other item is on the dark web.

Google recommendations

As Google explains, here's what this service offers:

  • Run individual checks to see if your email address is on the dark web.
  • Take steps to protect yourself with guidance on what to do if your information is discovered.
  • You can receive email reminders to perform scans.

Additional benefits for Google subscribers One

There are some additional benefits for Google One subscribers. especially:

  • Referring to the dark web, Google One members They can receive notifications and instructions when their details are found on the dark web. Members start tracking using their Gmail address. More items can be added to watch at any time.
  • If you sign up for a Google One plan, You can be notified if any of your items are found on the dark web. This information is: name, social security number (US only), date of birth, address, email address (up to 10), phone number (up to 10)
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How Google will use your information

  • Only items that members choose to track will be used to find matches on the dark web. Members control what is tracked at any time by editing their tracking profiles.
  • Other items can be found on the dark web, along with items added to the tracking profile. If this happens, these items may appear in dark web results. Details will be withheld for privacy reasons.

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