May 25, 2024

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Google is forever changing – it will now answer questions using AI (PICTURES)

Google is forever changing – it will now answer questions using AI (PICTURES)

as we informed you, Google She’s always planned a transformational evolution of her most popular product: search. in its context I/O 2023 event So, the company introduced it The next generation of Google searchwhich in addition to the results we are used to, such as images and web page links, will give users And answers through artificial intelligence.

go into detail, The new Google will now be able to answer complex queries, including AI summaries of the most relevant results. At the same time, there will be one New “talk” button, which will open a chatbot-style discussion boxfor the user to continue the conversation.

These new “AI snapshots” will take advantage of Google’s brand-new PaLM2 language model and provide users with a brief overview of the topic they searched for, along with links to resources.

they Summaries will appear at the top of the page, pushing standard results to the bottom of the page. This means that the search experience will change dramatically, especially on smartphones, because now the first thing anyone sees is this new AI framework.

Here’s what the new Google search will look like with “AI snapshots” at the top of the results:

At the moment, the new version of Google search is still running trial stage, but company executives see it as a fundamental long-term change in the way people search for information. By providing users with content generated by artificial intelligence, this new search engine aims to help them ask better questions and explore difficult topics more easily. but, “AI snapshots” will not appear in all searches. For example, sensitive topics such as health and finances are currently excluded.

It should be noted that Google’s artificial intelligence is designed to be as accurate as possible Prioritizing verified, valid information over appearing to speak humanly. So, New Google Search is not intended to solicit opinions or use the word “I” when answering questions. This approach is a response to growing concern that AI models can sometimes be misleading, as users are likely to believe misinformation is presented convincingly.

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