April 19, 2024

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GPO poll: 19.5 point lead for ND in European elections

GPO poll: 19.5 point lead for ND in European elections

Her dominance New Republic A poll published on Thursday (14.3) shows that ahead of June's European elections.

ND still maintains a wide gap with the second party, according to research GPO presented in the Star's main news package. Syriza After the conference it overtook PASOK to collect its losses and – somewhat – show that it is in 2nd place.

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According to a GPO poll for STAR, SYRIZA polled 11.7%, while New Democracy reached 28.8%. PASOK is in third place with 11.4%, KKE is firmly in 4th place with 7.8%. A new democracy in co-voting Valid reduction Collects 34.8% percentage and leads by 19.5 points. SYRIZA returns to second place with 14.3% against PASOK's 13.9%. KKE 9.5%, Hellenic Solution 8% followed by Victory 3.4%, New Left 3%, Freedom Boat 2.9%, Democrats – A. Loverdos 2.6%, Day 25 2.3% and Spartans 1, 8%. Regarding voting criteria in European elections, 53.9% say they are more influenced by domestic current affairs, 26.1% are more influenced by the personalities of the candidates, and only 18.8% say they are more influenced by European issues.

In European elections, 42.1% want to send a message of rejection to the government, 35.4% want to support the party they usually choose and 17.5% want to support the government.

Citizens in the GPO poll consider Kyriakos Mitsotakis the most suitable prime minister with a percentage of 42.5%, followed by “nobody” with 32.8%, Stefanos Kasselakis with 12% and N. Androulakis with 11.8%.

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