July 20, 2024

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Great opportunity for Opel Grandland

Great opportunity for Opel Grandland

Want to get away from the usual SUV? Now, there’s an easier way to get the new one Opel Grandland.

its modern models opelas is new grandlandAnd They are writing their own chapters in a story that began in the last century.

This legacy is the main component of Innovation and leadership Ha German company. The consequence of this is even more evident in our time as its cars are among the most advanced and practical in existence, in every category.

But that doesn’t mean one has to pay a lot of money to get them, quite the opposite! its main feature opel Is that always ranges submit to her Comprehensive and useful suggestions.

The last, hmm its most important chapter And its people know that very well. That is why they take great care to create cars that fully meet the requirements and desires of potential customers of the brand.

At Opel in particular, they know very well the modern needs of the buying public and that is why they offer an excellent range of SUVs that can cover every need. among them SUVs are too grandland that really stands out in its class!

new grandland It is based on the advanced “EMP2” platform that enables its model opel To have unique structural properties. This means that his position is advanced and delivers passenger comfort And very good too Safe driving behaviour.

In addition, it allows the car to be available with a wide range of engines – petrol and diesel – but also with stopper-in Hybrid layout. The maximum power of the model ranges from 131 HP up to 300 HP, in the higher version grandland GSe.

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The latter in addition to offering very good performance, is four wheel drive, It gives more off-road capability and a higher level of grip on asphalt.

his new image grandland Characterized mask “Vision» And the most attractive appearance of her body which makes her look elegant and dynamic at the same time.

Inside, the space for passengers and their luggage is among the best main advantages, While the build quality is in high level which has its vehicles German company.

the grandland she is one from More interesting cars in its class, but as always in this case, potential buyers demand and care very much about it. Purchase cost When it comes to getting a new car.

The Greek delegation undertakes to dispel this concern opel who created it «Exchange support programme» for all its models. What does this offer? Possibility of obtaining a new model for her like grandlandAnd More preferential price.

Specifically, anyone interested should visit one of them official representatives About the company or to search for information about the program Online , By filling out the corresponding form on the company’s website.

Potential buyer must have an old vehicle that they need to replace. The authorized dealer will provide him with a financial offer for his used car Which exceeds the current commercial value!

This amount can reach up to 2,700 euros, Depending on the new model of the company he chose to acquire. Yes, the opel Commitment to delivery in a short time and price guarantee!

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Finally, we remind you that among other benefits offered by the company 5 years factory warranty In all its models, and therefore also for opel grandland. Do you want a new, modern and distinctive car? Now you know what it is and how to get it!

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