July 18, 2024

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Greece and Ukraine: an agreement on defense and energy is in progress

Greece and Ukraine: an agreement on defense and energy is in progress

They have been in direct discussions lately Athens And Kyiv In order to reach a bilateral agreement, it would lead to a kind of takeover on her part as well Greece Commitment to providing security guarantees in various fields, not just defense. On a broader political level, the two sides are discussing the creation of a framework that would harmonize Greece’s bilateral relations and Ukrainian In the spirit of the declaration of the G7 leaders, but also of the European Council, for Kiev’s continued long-term support and at the practical level. At the moment, the debate revolves around the fundamental political dimension of the issue at the level ministries of foreign affairs. If these discussions are completed, consideration will also be given to how to define certain dimensions of the agreement. However, Americans also participate in these contacts.

There are long-term goals, such as the reconstruction of Ukraine, but there is also closer integration into Western European economic structures. One of the elements of the discussions also concerns Ukraine’s energy security, which by definition no longer depends on it Russia. It goes without saying how crucial the existing structures in northern Greece are to the debate about Ukraine’s energy independence from Russia (tar), interconnected pipelines as well as the increased capacity of Alexandroupoli Port. Also, in matters of principles, one of the issues of particular interest to Greece also relates to international law, international justice institutions and the rule of law. This is an area in which Athens would presumably claim to play a role, since Ukraine essentially supports the jurisdiction and decisions of all international courts.

Part of the discussions also concerns energy protection in Ukraine, which by definition is no longer dependent on Russia.

As a matter of fact, because of the war, it is quite clear that the priority is to continue to support the combat capability of the Ukrainians. The needs are more or less known and relate to the need for anti-aircraft defense, artillery, armored vehicles, as well as combat aircraft. Of great importance is the need for a constant flow of ammunition (bullets and 155 mm shells), which – to some extent – is also seen by some in Athens as an opportunity to restructure part of the defense industry, in this case the Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS), for the possibility of participating in a profitable competition that is already developing at the pan-European level. Recently, Greek Leopard 1 main battle tank crew instructors have been training European operators. And they, in turn, train the Ukrainians (in military slang this method is also called “training the trainer”). On the Greek side, other forms of training are offered, such as command and control of small combat units of the ground forces and neutralization of explosive devices and mines.

It is reported that Greece has already given Ukraine – through the triple exchange mechanism – BMP-1 tanks that have been replaced by German Marders. Also, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and their triggers, confiscations of AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles, Belgian-made FN-MAG general-purpose machine guns, RPG-18 portable anti-tank guns and missiles for the RM-70 multiple launcher. Ukrainian Ground Forces. Greece’s contribution of 7.62mm bullets and 155mm, 105mm and 203mm projectiles to the Ukrainian artillery is significant. It should be noted that it is a constant request of the Ukrainians and the Americans to give the S-300 anti-aircraft systems, which Athens and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis rejected at various levels.

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