July 14, 2024

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Greece takes second place in medals at the European Championships in Belgrade – 5 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze from our “Dolphins”

Greece takes second place in medals at the European Championships in Belgrade – 5 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze from our “Dolphins”

With a record collection of 17 medals, 5 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze, the national swimming team returns from Belgrade and the European Championships on Monday.

Greece ranked second in the medal table behind Hungary, which collected 27 (10-9-8).

Meanwhile, our male and female athletes participated in a total of 27 finals, setting 8 new Greek records (6 men and 2 women).

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Greece ahead of the trip to Belgrade had collected a total of 26 medals (5-5-16) with a record of six medals (one gold and five bronze) since the event held in Debrecen in 2012.

Now he has reached a total of 43 medals at the European Championships (10 gold, 13 silver, 20 bronze)!

Greek medals by organization

2002 (Berlin): 3rd National 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay Team (Oikonomou, Kokoudis, Xeloris, Gianniotis)

2004 (Madrid): Third place in the Niagara 100 Freestyle

2006 (Budapest): 2nd place in the Grigoriadis 50 Freestyle, 2nd place in the Drimonakos 200 Butterfly, 3rd place in the Grigoriadis 100 Backstroke, 3rd place in the Niagara 100 Freestyle, 3rd place in the National 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay (Zisimos , Demetis, Maganas, Xyloris).

2008 (Eindhoven): 1st Gregoridis 50 backstroke, 2nd Gregoridis 100 backstroke.

2010 (Budapest): 3rd place in Drimonakos 200 Butterfly

2012 (Debrecen): 1st Grigoriadis 100 backstroke, 3rd Drymonakos 200 butterfly, 3rd Samilidis 200 breaststroke, 3rd Samilidis 50 breaststroke, 3rd Niagara 50 freestyle, 3rd Drymonakos 400 individual medley.

2016 (London): 1st place in the Vasius 200 Individual Medley, 3rd place in the Christo 100 Backstroke.

2018 (Glasgow): 2nd place Golomev 50 freestyle, 3rd place Christo 100 backstroke

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2021 (Budapest): 1st Dotonaki 100 butterfly, 3rd Christo 100 backstroke, 3rd Golomev 50 freestyle.

2022 (Rome): First, Christo, 50-meter backstroke, second, Christo, 100-meter backstroke, third, Golomev, 50-meter freestyle.

2024 (Belgrade): 1st place in the Papastamos 400m medley, 1st place Bilas in the 50m butterfly, 3rd place in the national team 4 x 200 freestyle relay (Marcos, Inglisakis, Stamos, Vazaios), 2nd place in the Siscos 200m Backstroke, 3rd Dontonakis 50m butterfly, 2nd Markos 800m freestyle, Drako 50m backstroke, 3rd Greece 4 x 100m freestyle (Christou, Bilas, Golomeev, Vazaios), 2nd Damasioti 100m butterfly, 3rd Makrigiannis 50 Backstroke, 2nd Draco 50m freestyle, 2nd Marcos 400m freestyle, 1st Christo 100m backstroke, 2nd Makrig Yannis 100m backstroke, 1st Golomev. 50m freestyle, second place in Bilas 50m freestyle.

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