May 22, 2024

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Greek Stories RPG needs your help!

Greek Stories RPG needs your help!

Brave Alice Games, a development studio created by Greek game developers, is asking for your help! Specifically, the team recently launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter to significantly expand and upgrade their own project, RPG Stories.

Here is the press release we received which includes everything you need to know:

RPG Stories is a 3D Worldbuilder / Virtual Tabletop Game that allows you to create almost any indoor or outdoor environment, and if you like online games connect to play with your friends, your favorite tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Alien RPG, Heroquest and Blade Runner, Walking Dead, and more. It has been on Steam since April 23rd.

The clip below shows off everything RPG Stories VTT can do in its current version on Steam.

Brave Alice Games, the Greek team behind RPG Stories, launched its new expansive campaign on Kickstarter on April 16 and is once again asking for your support to expand its collection of 6,000 existing 3D models with new themes like the Roman Empire, the underwater world, the modern city, Cyberpunk and Star Wars neighborhoods (no They call it that, but yeah, that's what it is).

It will also offer new features, like procedurally generated scenes for faster and easier map building, exporting your maps for use in other well-known VTTs like Roll20 and Foundry, and ready-made adventures so you can jump in and play the games you want. Without having to prepare anything yourself.

Finally, they will be expanding their already large dice collection with even more sets and one of them will be the fan favorite “Fallout.”

Of course the more support they get, they have plans for more things you can see in their campaign already!

You can find the Kickstarter campaign in question By clicking here.

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