May 22, 2024

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Hades 2: One of the most anticipated games of 2024 was released without any warning!

Hades 2: One of the most anticipated games of 2024 was released without any warning!

Yes, you read that correctly. And with absolutely no warning, on a seemingly ordinary Monday afternoon, Giant games release him Abyss 2which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated gaming experiences of the year.

Moving on to the details, Hades 2 is available now In early access format In the steam against 28,99 euros. In the words of the development team, this is indeed a rich package, as Hades II in Early Access already features more fully voice-acted environments, enemies, and characters than the full version of the original Hades game. Of course, this does not mean that it is complete, as the main areas, characters, enemies, events, and narrative systems have not been completed yet.

Hades 2 is expected to remain in development until at least the end of 2024, with Supergiant Games not yet able to reveal a final release date. In case you want to throw yourself into his arenas, you can find that through the link below.

Hades 2 is the first sequel in the talented team’s history and builds on the best aspects of the original dungeon crawler, delivering an entirely new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the underworld of ancient Greek mythology.

In the second part, players will control a new protagonist, Melinoe, sister of Zagreus and princess of the underworld, who is trying to claim her kingdom, fighting in new environments against Kronos, the Titan of Time. Unlike Zagreus, whose goal is to escape Hell, Melinoe’s mission is the exact opposite, as she attempts to enter her homeland to confront Cronus. It should be noted that the sequel takes place long after the original game and maintains the roguelike structure and isometric perspective, as its story includes already well-known characters and new ones, such as Hecate and Odysseus. This time the center will be named The Crossroads.

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The gameplay in Hades II comes with a lot of changes thanks to a new protagonist. Melinoe uses the so-called “Altar of Ashes” to upgrade skills, unlike Zagreus’s “Mirror of Night”. Accordingly, he uses the new Magick system to perform powerful Omega attacks. There are new weapons too, like the Witch’s Staff and Sister Blades, as well as revamping blessings from returning gods like Poseidon and Venus, and newcomers like Apollo.

This is the presentation that accompanied the game’s release: