June 23, 2024

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Hair prevention! Greece cried with a song honoring Vassilis Karas

Hair prevention!  Greece cried with a song honoring Vassilis Karas

“KGood evening and good night» With lyrics from old songs by the late artist

He wanted, in his own way, to honor the unjustly deceased “Master of Kapsura”, the guardian of Akritides. The popular troubadour Al-Feriotti has been released The song was written 3 years ago for Vasilis Karras.

In the first verse, the titles of the popular singer's famous songs were mentioned, and in the chorus the famous phrase that the popular singer always said when going out on the track was “Good evening and good night.”

The lyrics were written by Nektarios Petros and the music was written by Nektarios Petros and Nikos Georgopoulos. The song was produced by Lobby Music.

Listen to the song:


I've had the best trips with wine

I have traveled north and south for you, my love

Princess love only one

And if our years pass, we will always be together

Good evening and good night

With cigarettes, whiskey and carrara

With a capsule without logic

Because life requires madness

Greetings and good evening

Because we only live once

Night witch, I love you

With you I learned to live

I've known love lies since I was a child

And I loved you passionately, with heart and soul

Every night I scream Alvin I love you

And my voice is heard all the way to the White Tower