June 25, 2024

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Hamas says it will release the hostages if Israel stops bombing Gaza

Hamas says it will release the hostages if Israel stops bombing Gaza

Speaking to NBC News, Hamas confirmed its readiness to immediately release all civilian hostages, whether Israeli citizens or foreigners.

The only condition set by Palestinian militants is that Israeli air strikes on Gaza stop.

In addition to the civilian hostages, Hamas wants to exchange captured Israeli soldiers for Palestinians detained in Israel

According to the Hamas official, the hostages could be released within an hour if Israel meets its conditions.

Meanwhile, the Hamas official claimed that there is no safe place to release the hostages now.

Exchange of soldiers for Palestinian prisoners

According to NBC, Hamas wants to reach another agreement on the release of the Israeli soldiers it captured.

American media reported that “in exchange for the release of Israeli soldiers held hostage, a Hamas official said that Israel must release all Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons.”

The Hamas official also claimed that the United States and Israel already know the conditions for the release of civilian hostages because the movement revealed them in its talks with leaders of several Arab countries.

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