May 21, 2024

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“Hamas will do it again, don't talk nonsense.” (Robert De Niro)

“Hamas will do it again, don't talk nonsense.” (Robert De Niro)

This is what the famous actor said, in Manhattan, to pro-Palestinian demonstrators. And this is the truth. A terrorist organization whose founding goal is to wipe Israel off the map will temporarily cease its aggressive actions until it regroups. The famous American actor saw with clear eyes what myopic European Union people like Josep Borrell did not see.

They are the same politicians who skip over October 7th as if everything did not start on that day, and then launch a series of accusations against Israel based on evidence provided by Hamas itself, which they call the “Palestinian administration of Gaza.” Giving objectivity to what he calls for.

Let me make something clear from the beginning: Netanyahu's responsibilities are acknowledged not only with regard to the October 7 surprise, but mainly because he “played” for many years with Hamas in order to create a counterweight to the Palestinian Authority. He made a strategically incorrect assessment that the enemy is in the West Bank, while he is in Gaza. Responsibilities will be assigned to him democratically by Israeli citizens themselves. What is important today is the complete elimination of Hamas on the operational scene. If this does not happen, Israel's border areas with Gaza will live in fear from October 7th.

That is, I believe that Israel's problem today is not its public image, but rather its political leadership's lack of ability to make radical decisions. Joe Biden is putting his re-election above all else, and he's doing well. The Israeli Prime Minister must put the safety of the people of Israel first. In the wake of the events of September 11, the Americans destroyed two countries to the ground – Afghanistan and Iraq – in the context of the war against terrorism.

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Robert De Niro hasn't read the diplomatic or military files, but with his common sense he said the obvious: They'll respond when they get the chance. That's why we have to put an end to the terrorists now. This was the goal of his intervention.

In Greece, plagued by misinformation and left-wing propaganda, the image of America aflame with pro-Palestinian sentiment is reinforced. To inform the reader that there are 44,287 students at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). These incidents involved about 500 pro-Palestinian students and a similar number of Antifa, to give you an order of magnitude of the phenomenon.

The Daily Mail revealed on April 30, 2024 that the Pro-Palestinian Student Association at Columbia University, which led the episodes, received $3 million in sponsorship annually from a Hamas-linked fund.

After all, an entire system in both the European Union and the United States is trying to make us forget where it all began. Let's forget October 7, 2023.