April 18, 2024

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HBO Leaks Westworld S4 Trailer And Release Date For June 26

HBO Leaks Westworld S4 Trailer And Release Date For June 26

HBO’s puzzle-packed bot that’s always been packed with extra aspects of hedonism and murder is about to make a comeback, with fans apparently digging up a trailer for Season 4 from Westworld before his scheduled appearance.

HBO’s director of media relations, Chris Godfroy, confirmed that the Easter egg has been prepared for dedicated audiences, and as we’ve seen before previous seasons, there will be more to come. Could you Watch it here On HBO’s YouTube channel (via reddit), let’s see that many of our friends, enemies, and friends who didn’t know they were from android will continue to play roles. this link Featured in Thrillist’s Instagram Story Above is a photo of New York City, teases the upcoming season.

I’ll go further into the potential plot lines revealed in the flash and scenes, but even after sticking with seasons one and two, I don’t really remember watching season three of that show. Launched nearly two months ago HBO Max debut Right in the midst of the early lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic here in the US On March 15, 2020The third season had no effect on the first and second seasons.

The teaser ends by promising a release date for Season 4 of June 26, 2022. The early warning is appreciated, because I now have time to try to watch Season 3 again.

Patch May 9, 11:15PM ET: Updated to note that the trailer link is a pre-new season Easter egg, first appearing in an Instagram Story.