July 22, 2024

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He married a famous Greek woman after a two-year relationship! (Photos and video)

He married a famous Greek woman after a two-year relationship!  (Photos and video)

He climbed the church steps on the afternoon of Friday, September 22nd Vivi Tsiame With her lover Kostas Papakonstantinou.

The two sealed their love after two years of dating and had friends and family by their side.

The sacrament was celebrated in the Church of Agios Nectarios in Panorama Volas, followed by a reception at an estate in Koropi.

Her best men Vives Tsiame So is he Kostas Papakonstantinou They were a friendly couple.

Pictures and video from her wedding Vives Tsiame Journalists Sasha Stamatis and Giorgos Prasenos posted on their Instagram accounts, where they were among the guests.

See also! What was previously revealed Vivi Tsiame About her personal life

It should be noted that her husband, a former playmate, is a kickboxing champion, a microbiologist and works in the catering business.

Regarding the marriage proposal, Vivi Tsiame She revealed in a recent interview: “Very beautiful and simple. He said to me in one of our personal moments: ‘Say, say, you’re very beautiful, but you’re missing something.’ And he took out the one stone, kneeling and trembling. Then we went out and announced it to our friends and it became a party.”

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