June 24, 2024

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“He told me he would be my coach and unfortunately that is what happened.”

“He told me he would be my coach and unfortunately that is what happened.”


Sane missed opportunity in the Cologne match.
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After a long search for a coach, Bayern Munich have finally chosen Vincent Kompany, and his former teammate Leroy Sane has given his opinion on the decision.

Bayern Munich have completed the signing of Vincent Kompany from Burnley, and Leroy Sane, having been a colleague of the Belgian manager in the past, wanted to comment on the management’s move.

Specifically, 5 years ago, both Sane and Kompany were playing for Manchester City, and a very nice conversation seemed to have arisen between them, as the German winger claimed.

When we were together at City he told me he would become my coach at some point. “I told him it wouldn’t happen, and now unfortunately it has.”“The player said while laughing.

“I’m just kidding! I’m very happy that he is our coach and that he can coach such a big club. Vincent was an absolute leader as a player. “Someone who has always shown the way, who wants to see dominant, fast and courageous football.”Sane continued. “At Manchester City he looked after us youngsters very well and supported us.” to explain.

The German striker continued to praise Kompany, confirming this “He is also very ambitious. All these qualities he has could make him a very good coach. I completely trust him to do a good job at Bayern.”

It should be noted that the Belgian coach stressed in his presentation against Bayern Munich that there will be no favouritism: “At City I was more than just a captain. So maybe things are no different than they were at that time with Leroy. He is a very talented player. My job is to get the best out of Leroy Sane and every player, I will do that.” “No discrimination” Kompany wanted to clarify.

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