February 26, 2024

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He wears a clog scarf and there is a Gravillon with another cucumber on the front

He wears a clog scarf and there is a Gravillon with another cucumber on the front

At Panathinaikos, they have reached their final options for a buttock enhancement with a potential major plug and want to close the problem within the next 24 hours. Already at the forefront is 26-year-old naturalized Frenchman Andrew Gravignon and another case.

The final 'weights' of the cases that Panathinaikos have been examining for weeks have been completed, and the 'Greens' are now looking to plug the gap in defense by acquiring a centre-back, who will be acquired as a potential starter rather than as a single 'supplementary' option. With a clear intention to complete the whole thing within the next 24 hours and join the plugging immediately.

At Panathinaikos, all this time they stayed away from the public eye. Dozens of candidate names were written and mentioned, without confirming or denying anything. Giannis Papadimitriou presented to Fatih Terim the cases that were qualified through the “examination” and preparatory work carried out by the club, and the Turkish coach has now indicated the final selections.

The information indicates that at the forefront of “Clover” is the case of the naturalized French player and international player with Guadeloupe, Andrew Gravillon, who belongs to the Turkish Adana Demirspor team. He is not a name that has emerged now, that is, after Terim was appointed to the “Green” substitute bench, despite the presence of such a connection from the Turkish press in recent days.

Grafion is a goalkeeper with very distinctive athletic characteristics, great 'size', strength, height (1.88m) and good technical training, and he has been selected by Panathinaikos scouts since last summer, before the acquisition of Jedfai and Balme-Brown.

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Metz then chose to sell him instead of 2.5 million euros to Demirspor, where the 26-year-old goalkeeper received a starting shirt (18 matches, 1 goal), but he entered into a dispute with his team in recent weeks, due to the club's debts. person. He was recruited at a very young age by Inter who included him in their infrastructure departments and although he did not play for the Nerazzurri, he had a great career in Italy (Benevento, Pescara, Sassuolo, Ascoli, Torino) before returning to France Lorient. And Metz.

He himself is looking to leave, and Demirspor (who is facing financial problems) wants to pay a small amount of the money they provided in the summer in exchange for his inclusion, and information indicates that there are already discussions between the two clubs to find a formula for his inclusion. A move to Panathinaikos – most likely on loan with an option to buy – will please all parties. It remains to be seen in the next 24 hours whether the transfer process will move to the final stage.

His other option

At the same time, Panathinaikos has another case of a central defender, to whom Fatih Terim has given 'approval', whose name has not yet leaked and who is 'working' in parallel with the matter of Gravion.

After all, in a transfer window, realities easily flip and change from one moment to the next, and at Panathinaikos, they want to be prepared for all eventualities, intending to close the front of the door immediately.

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Furthermore, whether or not a second goalkeeper will be acquired is something we will see in the coming days. In the press conference after Wednesday's (3/1) match with PAS-Ioannina, Fatih Terim left open the possibility that Panathinaikos could also make a move for a second central defender in the winter transfer 'window'. But in this case, everything will depend on the recovery of Eric Palmer-Brown. This is an issue that will become clear over the next two weeks.

The American will have a new examination on his serious (and very minor) ankle injury (bone swelling), and if it proves that he will need to be out of action for a long period, it is likely that Panathinaikos will also “looked” for a second stopper. At the moment, of course, what is important is that the first player gets the first team shirt.