June 16, 2024

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Hell Freezes Over: A Series We Never Expected is coming to PS5

Hell Freezes Over: A Series We Never Expected is coming to PS5

If someone in the early 2000s said that aura will come to Play StationHe might look crazy. A few years later, this possibility is now not only very likely, but there is evidence. Yes, the franchise he created X-Box As a platform, being one of the most commercial, most popular, and most awarded, it seems like it will come this far. PlayStation 5.

Going into details, since a few days, rumors have been circulating that Xbox is preparing to leave exclusivity in the past and pursue a new cross-platform strategy. However, information and reports are conflicting, with no clear answers about when the project will start, whether it will include all Xbox games, when we can expect the first titles to arrive on other consoles, etc.

Amid the chaos of rumors, Microsoft is also rumored to be considering porting Halo to PlayStation. But it appears that this is more than just an idea or a rumour, as revealed by a new announcement from 343 Industries, which has been the development team for the series for the past few years.

Specifically, 343 industries were published on January 24th New ad, is looking for a Lead Game Systems Designer, who will work on building “the next generation of games and experiences in the award-winning science fiction universe.” Obviously this wasn't surprising, but the details weren't eye-catching either. It is the responsibilities that this new designer will have that reveals Microsoft's potential plans, as the same announcement later states that the selected designer will have to do the following:

Define clear design goals and deliverables, with the systems design team focused on achieving a high-quality, consistent experience for all players across all platforms.

So, as it turns out, The next Halo game is planned for “all players” on “all platforms.” It's still unclear exactly what this means, as it could well mean on all platforms on which Xbox Game Pass exists, but based on recent rumors, Microsoft's wording may not be a pure coincidence and could refer to PS5 as well or on PlayStation. The system that will work.

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For your information, the latest chapter in the series, Halo Infinite, is available for Xbox Series