June 13, 2024

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Hello Jesus! | Protagon.gr

Hello Jesus!  |  Protagon.gr

I have no information whether he was treated as he should have been treated with the (mime) of Jesus. However, he was so delighted by his visit to EEEEK (Special Education and Vocational Training Laboratory) that it prompted him to pull off an unconventional entrance trick, with a remarkable display of acrobatics, flexibility and type. “Get under the bar.” (As Iakovo once shouted at Pyrrhus Dimas), perhaps to make children with disabilities jealous of their prowess.

Domna Michelidou, in her institutional role as Deputy Minister of Education, will also arrive at the scene later. Something that would seem very useful to someone who would like to be aware of it. Previously, a teacher took it to the teachers’ office and complained about the lack of space. “How many teachers are there?” He asked and flashed that it was time for his skit. “We have reached forty” She replied.

He shook his head angrily and said to the cameras: “Show, show space. 40 teachers here?” While another teacher chimed in: “We also want mercy.” And he said: “You’ll get it from me.” But he had not seen this great miracle, like Jesus at Cana, so he hastened to finish it! “Is this school your size? How much bigger do you want to be? Tell me.” Teachers fucked.

They were not prepared to answer that. He urged: “Would you like to double that?” (I didn’t know if he finished it “After seeking forgiveness”) “Triple?”, There was no stopping. He didn’t get an answer. So continue on your own: “Why not Akbar? Can’t find a plot of land? I’ll find you within a week!” I saw; Issa! Work six days and rest on Sunday! I wonder how they didn’t kiss his hands. (Unconfirmed rumors say that a bald teacher specifically asked him to have curly hair.)

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And he continued, even if you didn’t see him on camera: “I’m pretty good at real estate, not as good as steamships, but I’m pretty good.” As witnesses told me. Then he left but Domna Michaelidou walked alongside him, perhaps to tell him in his ear that the school he was angry about was only five years old and was a Syriza project. But he clearly wasn’t listening. After all, his number had run out.

But no matter what, this woman (where the hell did she grow up?) was unimaginably annoying to him. It was spoiling him to leave. “You showed up uninvited, in the future you should be more careful.” Communicate with statements. And intimidation? At this point, the vengeful Zeus within him flared up. Jesus is going. In anger, he ordered it to be extinguished. And they deleted it. They handed over to the media and social networks a deleted photo of him with Domna Michaelidou next to him.

He clearly has a deep conviction that the world belongs to him and no one will ever know he exists. Then he became Jesus again. I can reveal to you that he is preparing intensively now, ahead of his military service (what we have to live for!), and ahead of his trip to Cyprus. Where is he going… not by plane. Not by boat. no! But walking on the sea.

Note the statements of Domna Michaelidou: “I went to school not as Domna Michelidou, but as the Deputy Minister in charge of everything. So; an uninvited Deputy Minister? I had the impression that he wanted to be informed about the matter. But it was a very unpleasant surprise for me to see a politician of my generation promising air conditioners.” Air from his own pocket or to find you a new property as if he were a politician from the last century.I wonder if this is the political renewal that Syriza expects?

There, dear readers, is what reveals more about the character, intentions, and spirit of the new leader when we get to know him: “Stefanos and I were classmates. I’ve known him since I was eight years old.”.

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