June 25, 2024

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Here’s how to watch Cena’s new series about WWE’s great villains (and the Miz, too)

Here's how to watch Cena's new series about WWE's great villains (and the Miz, too)

It was about a year old when we first learned each other Initial details About WWE Evila new series created and hosted by John Cena that highlights some of the greatest villains in WWE history.

More information about the series was revealed today, and it’s very easy to watch. The main things you’ll need to do is sign up for Peacock’s streaming service and be patient to wait until March 24th.

The official trailer for the series is included at the top of this post. Here is additional background information on WWE EvilCourtesy of WWE’s website:

Peacock announced today that WWE’s first original series, “WWE Evil,” will begin broadcasting exclusively on Thursday, March 24.

Created and hosted by John Cena, the 8-part docu series is the latest expansion of WWE programming on Peacock, and WWE Studios’ first original. Taking an unprecedented look into the psychology of WWE’s most diabolical opponent, the series reveals the influence of Superstars on mainstream culture.

said Benny Reuven, Vice President of Unscripted Entertainment for NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “No one takes viewers into the minds of WWE’s fiercest villains from Cena himself. We can’t wait for WWE fans to devour this series.”

Each one-hour episode of this psychological show dives deep into one infamous heel, unveiling rare behind-the-scenes details from some of the biggest names in the industry. These “bad guys” have undeniably shaped pop culture over the decades, creating a massive nostalgic effect that spills over into today’s mainstream culture. “WWE Evil” reveals new details of the characters who defined a generation of WWE, including the history of each villain, their main rivalries, and career-defining moments.

WWE Evil It was created by executive producer John Cena. As the series’ narrator, Cena must re-engage his bad side, as well as celebrate other stars who have become pop culture icons like him.

The eight episodes of the series will highlight the next ever high-heeled shoes Featurein this sequence:

EPISODE 1 – “Hollywood” Hulk HoganHulk Hogan goes “Hollywood”, betraying his fans and beliefs to become the embodiment of evil.

Episode 2 – The Miz: From reality star to superstar. Mike Mezanin has taken fame to new heights with his sinister alter ego, The Miz.

Episode 3 – Sasha Banks: There is an evil within all of us. Sasha Banks unleashes her as “The Boss”.

Episode 4 – Brothers of Destruction: Brothers and archenemy The Undertaker and Kane ally themselves to become WWE’s ultimate evil duo.

Episode 5 – Randy Orton: Randy Orton’s evolution of “Evil” into “Legend Killer” unleashes the true demons lurking within.

Episode 6 – Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie McMahon emerges from her father’s shadow to forge a legacy of power and corruption in WWE.

Episode 7 – Ric Flair: Watch how “the dirtiest player in the game” Ric Flair became one of WWE’s greatest villains.

Episode 8 – Roman ReignsFrom a good man who is hated to a bad man who is loved. Roman Reigns finds a new life by embracing his dark side.

Are you excited to leave WWE EvilOh cages? What episodes are you most looking forward to?

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