April 19, 2024

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His admiration for Sofia Vergara makes Jennifer Lopez jealous

His admiration for Sofia Vergara makes Jennifer Lopez jealous
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been through a lot together. The American star stood by her husband when he faced his addiction to alcohol, and also helped him in his relationship with his children.

However, JLo won't put up with infidelity, and according to Radar Online, Affleck doesn't make her feel safe.

One of the website’s posts quoted a source as saying that Lopez “I can't stand Affleck's crush on Sofia Vergara anymore».

Vergara is now divorced after seven years of marriage to Joe Manganiello, and the report suggests that Affleck is courting her. “He describes his wife as reckless because of her trust issues» reads the article.

Jennifer may be close to Sofia, but that doesn't mean she wants her husband to make her eye candy“, said a person close to the couple, according to the same information.

The same source indicated that Affleck has been known in his close circle for years, and that he admires Vergara, and this is likely starting to tire Jennifer Lopez.

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