June 23, 2024

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How to find out the value of a used car in minutes – secrets that no one will tell you

How to find out the value of a used car in minutes – secrets that no one will tell you

It only takes a short time for an interested party to understand whether the used car in front of them is really worth owning.

There is no doubt that buying used cars requires special attention from drivers looking to find their next car.

Sure, having an expert inspect a used car can save the driver's hands, but it's impossible if he has a list of good buyable models.

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Whatever the first stage of “getting to know” a used car, it can be done even by someone who has no special connection with cars as long as he is mindful and pays due attention to the checkpoints that follow.

Checking the specific points does not require more than 10-15 minutes of your valuable time and is applicable during your visit to the merchant and if you are dealing with a private person.

The first thing to look at is the car maintenance book. The book must be properly completed by the workshop or workshops even if the previous owner did not go to an authorized one. The kilometers indicated on the last service performed should also be consistent with those on the odometer. The vehicle must be rejected without a maintenance book.

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Next comes the bodywork, which will take the most time. The coating on metal and plastic surfaces must be of the same consistency in all places, with no unevenness in the joints of the metal body surfaces.

Doors parallel to each other, doors leading to the front fenders and the front fenders on the hood must have the same gaps at both ends, while in no case should the gap be larger at one end versus the other.

The doors should open and close without problem, and their nuts should not show signs of loosening
The doors should open and close without problem, and their nuts should not show signs of loosening

The doors should too They fit properly when closed and open and close smoothly, as does the trunk and hood. Also check the lighting fixtures by applying light pressure. They should have little or no movement.

Under the hood is the next point we should focus our attention on. The engine room should be “clean” even if it's not cleaned, and we mean that There should be no spots of oil or other fluids around the engine, and no oil should be flying out of the engine. All fluids must be at the correct levels and the correct color.

Close the hood, go to the tires. Tires must have uniform wear throughout their treadwhile they must be of the same make and model on all wheels and have the same dimension and “age”.

Also if the car has a few kilometers (20,000-30,000) and was registered in the last 2-3 years The tires must be the original ones. Otherwise, ask for clarification.

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The car may have been repaired, and this is completely normal, especially for older cars. but, These repairs, which usually involve minor malfunctions, should be recorded.

If the seller tells you that no repairs were made, have them sign a statement confirming this The model you are interested in has not undergone any repairs on its mechanical parts and has never been involved in a traffic accident in the past.

Next is the car cabin where the linings and the image of the plastic surfaces must match the age of the model in front of you. Also check All seat belts by completely loosening them from their reel.

Pay special attention to the part of the belt that is not normally straightened. If you notice clay then you should give up the idea of ​​getting this particular model The possibility of it being submerged and water getting inside is very high.

Then have the car start and go for a short drive even if you're not the one behind the wheel.

If the car you want has successfully passed the above tests, you can go to the next step and see it again with the help of an expert, While requesting, finding and photographing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)..

With the specified number and with the help of the approved workshop You can refer to the history of work carried out in the past and make sure that the kilometers displayed on the odometer correspond to reality. Using the VIN number you can also check the origin of the car, i.e. if the first country of registration is Greece or if it is an imported model.

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