July 18, 2024

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How will landlords get a discount at ENFIA?

How will landlords get a discount at ENFIA?

A discount of up to 10% on this year's ENFIA bill will be seen by more than one million taxpayers who have insured their property against natural disasters. The discount will be automatically calculated by the AADE, which has asked insurers to send by January 25, 2024 details of residential insurance policies for natural persons that were valid in 2023 and cover earthquake and fire insurance risks. And the flood.

Through the data that the insurance companies will send, the AADE will proceed to liquidate the ENFIA that taxpayers will be required to pay this year in 10 equal monthly installments. The new ENFIA “rabasaki” will “knock on the door” of more than 7 million property owners at the end of April and will require the first installment of the tax to be paid by the end of May.

According to the decision of AADE Governor, Giorgos Pitselis, the details of the insurance documents that insurance companies must submit are as follows:

a) VAT number and full name of the policy holder,

b) Insurance policy number,

c) The start and end dates of the insurance,

d) Insurance against earthquake, fire and flood risks covered by the contract,

e) Insured capital covering all three insurance risks mentioned above (earthquake, fire and flood),

f) Address and description of the insured’s place of residence. In particular: state, municipality, municipal unit, municipal or communal apartment, street, number, postal code, street name of the property, floor, area of ​​main and auxiliary spaces and year of construction, if stated in the contract.

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g) Unique insurance policy registration number.


The ENFIA discount is provided if the value of the house insured against natural disasters is at least €1,000 per square meter, the insurance policy covers the entire value of the property and the property is insured for at least three months in the previous year (2023). If the insurance period is less than one year, the ENFIA reduction is adjusted proportionately. especially:

– For the 10% discount in ENFIA, the insurance must cover 100% of the value of the dwelling, which means that the taxable surfaces of the dwelling as specified in the Land Registry and the E9 form will be taken into account.

– The discount is calculated on the total amount of the main and “supplementary” tax imposed if the objective value of the property exceeds 400 thousand euros and is increased in specific proportions.

– The 10% reduction from ENFIA relates only to the insured building and not the entire property. As the value of the property, the value of the building or buildings is taken without taking into account the value of the plot of land.

– In order to receive the 10% discount, one must have insured housing or residences against earthquakes, fires and floods throughout the previous year. Otherwise, the discount is proportional to the insurance period, but for a minimum of 3 months per year. This means that for 12-month insurance, the ENFIA is reduced by 10%, for 9 months a discount of 7.5% is applied, for six months the discount is limited to 5% and for three months to 2.5% while no reduction applies to homes insured for a period of 12 months. Less than three months a year.

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source: ot.gr