July 22, 2024

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How will the Greek “European” tickets be divided if Olympiacos wins the Conference League?

How will the Greek “European” tickets be divided if Olympiacos wins the Conference League?

Olympiacos are one game away from the Conference League Grand Final, and if they win the title, there will be changes in the issue of European tickets.

the Olympic Made a big leap for England He went through Villa Park with a score of 4-2 wide against Aston Villa They have a good enough lead to find themselves in a European final for the first time in their history.

However, it is especially important to see what happens if Piraeus manages to celebrate its trophy Conference LeagueThere are ups and downs regarding the issue of European tickets that will be shared by Greek teams.

First let’s remember that if Olympic Conquer it Conference League Then he can – if he chooses – find it directly in European League Without passing the qualification part. Let’s see them in order:

  • If Olympiacos wins the tournament, they will have to choose between the Champions League and Europa League qualifiers
  • If he gets second or third, nothing will change
  • If they finish fourth and at the same time Aris wins the Greek Cup, we will have five teams in Europe in the new season.

Of course, let’s not forget that the Conference League Final will be held on May 29, when we will already know the final standings in the Stoiximan Superleague.

Therefore, we will know, depending on the final position of Olympiacos and the scenario that can be confirmed if Piraeus wins over Fiorentina or Bruges (first match 3-2 in Florence) and makes history in Greek football.

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Above all, it is clear that the elimination of Aston Villa on Thursday (9/5) in G. Karaiskakis…