April 13, 2024

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Huawei FreeClip Review – Review

Huawei FreeClip Review – Review

Huawei is coming to shake the waters in the field of TWS headphones with the FreeClip, a proposal that adopts a completely different design compared to what we've seen so far.

Some might argue that there wasn't a need for something so different (when we already have in-ear, semi-in-ear, and over-ear headphones), but in fact an additional option called open ear, especially when it's high quality, won't hurt anyone. On the contrary, FreeClips is an interesting technical proposal that also happens to be one of the most elegant on the market. Let's go see them.

The FreeClip design is what attracts attention. Unlike what we've seen so far, the headphones in question resemble clips – hence their name. It consists of three parts: the acoustic ball, which is also the earpiece, the comfort bead, which applies to the back of the ear, and the C-bridge, which connects them. In practice, it is very easy to place them with the C bridge horizontally oriented. Note that the clip viz…the clip (as applied to an earring for example) is nowhere to be found. Although the design suggests something like this, the user simply places them in his ears and stands up. Huawei says it used data from 30,000 people (and their corresponding ears) in order to achieve a design that covers as many cases as possible, and overall it worked.

Wearing FreeClips is like… no one wears them without any exaggeration. With a weight of as little as 5.6 grams per earbud, the whole experience is one of our most comfortable – if not the most comfortable. In short, one you'll wear and one you'll forget is in your ears.

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