April 24, 2024

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Huge security upgrade for Google Chrome!

Huge security upgrade for Google Chrome!

the Google Just announced a huge security upgrade Google Chrome Which will undoubtedly save many users, files and computers from online threats.

Going into detail, the tech giant The Safe Browsing feature has been radically changedwhich already protects more than 5 billion devices from phishing attacks and malware in general.

Until now, Safe Browsing's standard security function worked like this: It used a Google-curated list stored on your device. Based on this list, it can check whether a peer or file is known to be a virus or generally dangerous. This list was updated every 30 to 60 minutes, but Google found that most malicious pages were only available for 10 minutes, which was enough to cause damage.

Safe Browsing protection is now standard on desktop and iOS You will check all pages in real time! If you go to a website and Google suspects it could pose a risk to you or your device, you'll see a warning with more information. With real-time verification, Google expects to block 25% more phishing attempts.

Google indicates that it uses encryption and other advanced technologies to ensure that no one can know which pages you visit because of this feature. Even Google itself wouldn't be able to know your history with the way the feature is structured. It should also be noted that this technology will not slow down the navigation process or consume any resources from your computer/mobile phone.

Improved Real-time Safe Browsing will also be coming to Android later in March. You can read more in the official announcement on Google's blog By clicking here.

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