June 25, 2024

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I didn’t go to school because they didn’t say good things about my girls

I didn’t go to school because they didn’t say good things about my girls
Natasha Theodoridou spoke about her relationship with her daughters on a radio show. In the Eleni excerpt from Radio 104.6’s radio marathon.

The singer said in the clip about her children: “I chose to be very close to my children because I wanted to smell what was going on. As a mother, I am everything, no matter what and wherever needed.”.

Furthermore, Natasha Theodoridou confirmed: “My children are honest people and from a good person they never need to be afraid of anything.

When I also went to school, which I then stopped going to, I spent three years, because they didn’t say very good things to me, and then my children accelerated and entered university, I couldn’t believe it, because I went to school and the teachers waved at me. All I was asking was whether they were good kids, and whether they were causing trouble».

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