February 22, 2024

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“I didn't have money to drink coffee.”

“I didn't have money to drink coffee.”

He spoke on the program “Super Katerina”. costis Savidakis, With the well-known actor revealing the financial difficulties he faced.

In fact, he mentioned that he had reached a point Not having money to buy cigarettes Or drink coffee.

“It is very difficult for an actor to survive, as is the case in almost all jobs. Especially when you work three months in the theater and sit for six months.”said Kostis Savidakis characteristically.

He added: “Many times I felt like I had hit rock bottom financially. I asked for loans from friends and relatives. I think everyone has gone through that, at least in my area. There were days when I didn't have money to buy cigarettes, and long days when I didn't have time to go and have a drink.” “Coffee.”

Elsewhere, the actor commented on the controversy surrounding gay marriage, but also The Church's positions on this issue.

“I think at some point we have to think before we speak. All they are doing now is taking people out of the church and I don’t know if that is just a coincidence. We cannot say such things when we see that there are gay people born to heterosexual couples.

The doors and arms (of the church) must be open, so that the whole world may go. “We won't judge who he is.” He confirmed.

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