February 22, 2024

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I don't understand the alternatives, how can you give up a child because you made a deal?

I don't understand the alternatives, how can you give up a child because you made a deal?

the Katerina Tsafalu She talked about her daughter surrogate mothers, Pregnancy and more in an interview she gave on the “Ellen” show.

First he said: “I enjoy spending time with my daughter, and she came to see me in the theater too. In 'Snowdrops' I still didn't want him to see it, because my role is a bit darker. I believe first in family and sharing and then I want to have a child no matter what. Now for a person “Once he chooses to have a child alone and raise him alone, I can’t know, I will never get involved in such a thing.”.

Regarding the issue of surrogate motherhood, he commented: “I don't understand this, I can't understand as a mother how you lived through all this pregnancy where you're carrying a child, and you have a child inside you, growing up, all this miracle and magic happening, how can you then, after you give birth to her give because you made a deal? I do not understand her”.

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The actress added:I always wanted to be a mother. I was just thinking it was out of the question in general. “My baby is the best thing I've ever done. God called me to be a mother and I mean it.”
She also revealed that her weight increased by 26 kilograms during her pregnancy due to her suffering from hypothyroidism and being bullied by many people. He specifically emphasized: “It frustrated me, I was a bit more vulnerable but then I decided to leave it behind. The Greek loves to comment and we are racists, we all are.”

Regarding the actress’s difficult task and unstable nature, the actress said: “My husband helps me, but I've learned to be financially independent. I just happened to go into the unemployment fund. I have 12 years of TV.”

Finally, she revealed that she was offered to stay on but she refused.

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