February 22, 2024

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I don't understand where the Pantheon “stumbled”.

I don't understand where the Pantheon “stumbled”.

Giorgos Constantinou, among others, asserts that “the series does not deserve what is happening.”

Both the change of the pantheon with the arrival of Survivor on SKAI and the mistakes he admitted to making in the past were honestly mentioned by Giorgos Konstantinou speaking to the Super Katerina show camera and journalist Elisavet Oikonomou to Alpha.

“I am not participating in the Pantheus series, I am just a guest. But I am very surprised by the change in programming because what is happening is not worth all this trouble.

Personally, I see a great production, a great effort, but I don't know where it “stumbled,” the likeable protagonist asserted at the beginning.

“There are many things I tell you frankly and often I don't understand why people who see them go crazy. I don't know what it means to survive!”

Survivor means that some people go and try to survive in a difficult place. Here they fight who will put the ball in the hole and who will win the other. I did not understand this”.

“In various theaters in the past I couldn't be or maybe didn't want to be. However, due to the necessity of survival, I also made some concessions.

I confessed my passion for gambling to say that it is a bad habit, and it will get you nowhere,” admitted Giorgos Constantinou, at another point in the interview.

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