February 22, 2024

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I move electrically 2: Possibility of submitting new applications – deadlines

I move electrically 2: Possibility of submitting new applications – deadlines

The start date for submitting new applications for KINOUMAI ELEKTRIKA 2 is from today, Tuesday, January 16, and applications can be submitted until the available amount is exhausted.

The possibility of submitting additional requests through the reallocation of resources amounting to €6.4 million to the “Moving Electric II” program is available after the implementation of Joint Ministerial Decision No. 358265/Β'6700/27-11-2023.

In particular, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the changes made to the “Move Electric 2” support program through the aforementioned KYA, which sets a 45-day deadline for submitting a vehicle application form by the beneficiary with an advance payment or a time rental contract with an advance payment. Introduction, which allows the Ministry to optimally utilize the available funds.

With the expiration of the above-mentioned 45-day deadline for applications that were subject to admission decisions until 11/27/2023, it became clear that out of the 5,832 applicants who had to submit the above supporting documents, 3,040 did not respond. Their applications were rejected, resulting in the release of €6,392,916.37 for new applications.

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