June 25, 2024

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I was shocked by the death of a police officer who was attacked in Mannheim

I was shocked by the death of a police officer who was attacked in Mannheim

Councilor Olaf Solz said he was shocked by the killing of police officer Reuven L., who was attacked by Solomon A. With a knife in a central square in Mannheim on Friday.

“I am deeply shocked and devastated that this brave police officer has succumbed to his serious injuries following the horrific attack in Mannheim. His dedication to the safety of us all deserves the highest appreciation. “In these bitter hours, my thoughts are with his family and everyone who is grieving,” Mr. Soltz wrote in X .

Ruffin’s death caused… The 29-year-old is sad and angry in the police ranks. The head of the Baden-Württemberg Police Federation, Ralf Kösterer, stressed that the violence police officers face every day is “relentlessly brutal, inhuman and often fatal.” “Campaigns against hatred and incitement to violence often do not even address the problems that police officers face on a daily basis. Discussions about democracy and freedom of expression do not reach irresponsible actors, but they also do not reach religious fanatics,” Mr. Kosterer said. To whom the world of our ideas seems completely strange and absurd.”

Suleiman A. was He managed to hit the policeman who tried to immobilize him several times, wounding him in the back and neck. The political attacker and well-known critic of Islam, Michael Storchenberger, was previously injured in the face during an event of the “Pax Europe” movement in the central square in Mannheim. The politician underwent surgery and is recovering normally. The young Afghan man, who has been living in Germany since 2014 and was not known to the authorities until now, was not stopped until one of the remaining policemen shot and wounded him in the leg. He was also taken to hospital, while an arrest warrant has already been issued against him for the attacks.

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