July 20, 2024

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“I will not kiss in public, I will not dance on tables, I know what my job is.”

Guest on her show Elenis Menigakis He was found at noon on Thursday, October 19 Katerina Panagopoulou.

The journalist and presenter of the Mega Newsletter spoke, among other things, about how she approaches the promotion of her personal life, but also about why she carefully considers her statements in interviews.

“When I go out, I always think about my job. I don’t forget when I go out because I’m doing a newscast and I have a responsibility. I won’t kiss in public, I won’t hug in public, I don’t dance on tables. I like that I’m following this very consciously,” Katerina Panagopoulou said at the beginning. Out of respect for the channel I am on and the viewer, because I am also reckless and can escape easily.”

“If I did something else that didn’t get publicity, I would definitely be more relaxed. However, I am a person who has limits and what I have to do, and I like limits. If you don’t set limits for me I can easily get away from them, so I like to have them and follow them,” Katerina Panagopoulou added. “Our place is very difficult, and as the years pass, I understand it more and more.”

Regarding the strangest incident she has ever had on a newscast, Katerina Panagopoulou admitted: “One time while I was on air, I was wearing a suit and the whole zipper in the back came off. I was poisoned before going on air, and it was very difficult, and I was feeling dizzy. It happens. A lot, things fall, glasses break.”

At the end of the interview, after Eleni Minegaki thanked the journalist, Katerina Panagopoulou took the floor, wishing to emphasize the following: Thank you very much, I am very satisfied. Usually when I speak I get tired because they isolate one of my sentences and when you want to say something else a title is inserted and it all drives me a little crazy. I always make sure to think about what I say in writing. Now I didn’t think anything of it and I hope everything is normal from what I said.

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