June 23, 2024

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If you are going to propose, keep some delay

If you are going to propose, keep some delay

the Diamond They shine in various phrases (sayings, terms, etc.) that have become clichés regarding human behaviors.

For example, it is eternal, and hence its durability is invoked to indicate its suitability for expressing eternal love.

The phrase “rough diamond” is attributed to people who have potential that they are not yet able to manage to their full potential.

It's also difficult, as the term describes someone with hidden potential that may not be impressive at first glance.

There is also “Let there be a diamond in a world of stones” and of course “Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend” founded by Marilyn Monroe.

The common element for all is the peculiarity of the mineral that begins with carbon and after billions of years is exposed to pressure (50,000 to 60,000 times the pressure of the atmosphere), hundreds of kilometers below the surface of the Earth, with temperatures often reaching 1,200 degrees. Celsius, it becomes a diamond.

how; The carbon atoms are linked in a specific three-dimensional structure that gives the diamond its unique properties, namely its amazing hardness and brilliant sparkle.

By the way, “Pressure makes diamonds“It's another cliche about people becoming stronger through adversity.

For half a century, many research laboratories have tried to find ways to make diamonds simpler, faster and, of course, available at a cheaper price.

As for the cross, which contains the best quality natural diamonds of 5.5 carats and bears all certificates, its price is $22,000. The same piece containing man-made diamonds is worth $5,500.

The other side of the coin is that natural diamonds never lose their value, while synthetic diamonds have no resale value. According to experts.

Anyway, as reported Financial Times The market for natural diamonds (which are sometimes mined in controversial—and even unethical—ways) has already been damaged by synthetic diamonds. And the reason It is a preference that Generation Z has.

The latest developments relate to Publishing From a study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Basic Sciences in South Korea.

They discovered a new way to produce diamonds at atmospheric pressure in just 150 minutes per hour. This is made possible using a special liquid metal alloy.

This is a very special development, and the researchers who achieved it are confident that the process can be scaled up to make a huge difference to the production of synthetic diamonds.

Their goal is to apply the synthesis technology they have discovered, in large industries, with more distinct semiconductor technologies (the semiconductors found in any intelligent function) and machines.

South Korea Institute of Basic Sciences.

Investigators They mentioned “Korea will be able to lead related industries by rapidly expanding their scale in the future.”

Until then, the classic recipe of high pressure and high temperature will remain the standard for making natural diamonds and most synthetic diamonds.