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Ike: And when her super weapons are in… the quiver! | Blog – George Tsakiris

Ike: And when her super weapons are in… the quiver!  |  Blog – George Tsakiris

Giorgos Tsakiris emphasizes AEK’s positive sign in the new break, its response to a mountainous program (without important players), while he has a home contract…

Complete a series of matches that can leave difficult situations in Eek And I mean the scoring part and of course the competitive part, that was made possible by the program his team provided Matias AlmeidaIn these days of the new pause due to the commitments of the national teams, they were far behind in the league standings within the borders and of course even with zero points in the group for European League. Someone would say, “Sit down, Chuck, are we going to lose?” I obviously didn’t want that, but take a good look at his agenda. biceps It suffices to prove that, in addition to the European matches, we are talking about a series of matches… huge, at a time when Belado had to deal with many problems.

Let’s remember them a little in order to come to the conclusion together if the doubles did well, at the moment we certainly agree that they could have been better, but I also appreciate things would have been much worse if another team had been in their position Eek to Almeida I take it for granted that he could have been worse off…h joins He returned to competitive duties on the 17th September With the derby in New Philadelphia Opposite Olympic It ended in a 1-1 draw. Two away matches were followed by a high degree of pressure and demanding results, especially the second match in Alexandra Street against the Panathinaikos

First but there was the flight to England For the first competition match with the opponent BrightonIt is the most difficult match in the group in theory, since the team participated in it Premier League. Let me mention here that in the last round his team De Gerby Brought 2-2 with Liverpool It deprived them of the opportunity to win on penalties in the hands of Al-Merreikh and remained in the top six in the highest league on the planet. the Eek to Almeida As he said before this particular match, he went to the island to win, he said it and applied it to lead the group of… Death as everyone called it. European League!

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Then he had a game in street Opposite Panathinaikos Her dominance of the main contender seat last year (but again this year she’s showing she’s capable) is the least recognized (let alone confirmed) by all who realize what they’re watching (because there are owls, too). Regardless of the fact that Eek He was late in the score by a goal that is rarely scored. He responded, took control of the field and turned the score around to win (1-2). The winning streak continued Philadelphia The places where he was received fearless Despite her great image and dominance of the settlement until 60 Minutes, she made it easy and difficult, but she won…

A positive sign and the moment when everyone will be available!

To get to her bad arc Crete With his opponent OFI, which is considered by general recognition this season to be the most important team and regional headquarters, and the results confirm this and the result! the Eek After a series of these difficult games in Heraklion Played (again) with several changes in its lineup (as happened in street after Brighton) and had the worst image of the year for many even since last year. So the opponent rightly beat her 2-0 and brought her down relatively calmly in the harsh reality that causes Thursday-Sunday-Thursday and with difficult opponents. The team was unable to survive with this result that followed Ajax And of course the chance to stay at the top of its group.

And so it happened in a 1-1 draw Philadelphia Fragments, a result that only kept her alive in the level set Champions Leaguebut also first after 2-2 inches Marseille Between them Marseille Which Brighton! At the end of the match against the Dutch, a new award came to his team Almeida by Stein Who realized the importance of winning a certificate in such a seat with this team (ss: the Eek) against you… the last match in its very difficult schedule union The one with him PanetolikoThis is because the match was postponed, in order for the match to conclude with a victory without conceding a goal, reaching -5 from the lead and us being in a better position than last year in the corresponding period (so that we do not forget) and with Europe this year in…the list!

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If nothing else, the mark is the least positive for the doubles, which played seven matches, six of which were very demanding with a bad bracket in Crete in Hellas And Europe. All this, in fact, with the Argentine coach and his team committed to working with the most important absences. Without having at his disposal footballers with super weapons who would give him much more than he got in matches, he failed to win: as if he had Olympic for him Garcia (He’s just) at the top of the attack and let him score after that Ponce. Levi’s mission is different and how to release all the players behind him to finish the stages…

Then he answered no Vida – MokudiExcept for her match Cretebut also in other matches without Garcia, Zuberby Jasinovic On the field for a while Johnson Outside, but also inside Crete And at the last moment, during his many absences, he lost him too latch Which has been in very good condition all this time. And yet she responded this way Eek As a result, the obvious thought simply and effortlessly comes to everyone’s mind: Well, when everyone is available, when everyone has all the super weapons up their sleeve… Matias AlmeidaWhat will we see from the duo, what will they achieve, where will they take the project? The truth is that even Billado He hasn’t been able to have all the players at his disposal for at least a month, but it will happen until then…

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Hello: For many, for many people, I mean the concert in New Philadelphia and again at the match with Panaetolkos, that amazing thing of seeing 30,000 AEK fans (of whatever team) get on their feet and sing like crazy, just like me Ajax. , which seems self-evident thanks to the opponent’s name and jersey (but also the difficulty of the match), seems to be expected. For those who want to see a little further, everything that happens in the last two games, makes a lot more sense after the event that happened in August and the killing of Michalis at our home stadium. As if these matches represented a return to a place of joy and happiness, as if the blackness that was had been removed, because apart from everyone else, everyone forgets that the AEK organization as a whole had to manage a murder! I pointed out then, when we were suffering and homeless (even now) trying to hasten the truth about the brutal murder of Michaelis, that we would not allow our space, our home, the place of absolute happiness for Aiktzes, to change it to drive away the feeling of love, joy and happiness that we would not allow the darkness to prevail. This is exactly what these matches prove, and from there, Michalis also joins the party, who wants to see his ‘home’ become a permanent celebration for his beloved AEK…