May 28, 2024

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“I’m Disgusted”: Chrysoula Diafati is “Flood” by Stefanos Kasellakis

“I’m Disgusted”: Chrysoula Diafati is “Flood” by Stefanos Kasellakis

Her opinion about him Stefanos Kasellakis He expressed the scandal that occurred around his personal life Chrysula diavati She speaks on the Super Katrina show.

Chrisola Diafati explained that she is not interested in what everyone does in their personal lives, and that all these details disgust her.

“I don’t know Mr. Kasellakis. The first time I hear his name. When I hear all this about someone’s personal life, I feel disgusted because I don’t care what anyone does in bed. Why do they all come out and announce what they are up to? Who asked and to whom? I don’t ask anyone “What is it? First, I’m not allowed, but I don’t care either. Let’s go if it’s in the keyhole and fool around. I find that obscene,” he said characteristically.

“Mr. Koya’s opinion is his own. I can’t interfere with that. It’s all mine. But to me, all this, except disgust, is of no concern to me. Don’t you see that it is utterly stupid to care what anyone does? I don’t care what everyone does at home; As long as it doesn’t affect me.

I don’t even know Mrs. Ahtsoglou. Of course I’ve heard about it. As long as I know Mr. Kasellakis, I also know Ms. Ahtosoglou. If I had to choose someone, I wouldn’t choose either one of them,” Crissoula Diafatti also added.


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