April 13, 2024

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Imadia: A train passes through a crossing in Alexandria with raised bars – ordered by EDE [βίντεο]

Imadia: A train passes through a crossing in Alexandria with raised bars – ordered by EDE [βίντεο]

Days before the one-year anniversary of the Tempe tragedy, a video has surfaced from Alexandria Imadia that raises many questions about railway safety.

A passing driver recorded on his mobile phone the moment the train passed through a crossing in Alexandria on Monday, February 19, with a message posted on AlexandriaZidas.gr.

“Stop, stop. Back up a bit, back up a bit. The bars are open as usual, the train is on its way,” one driver is heard telling the other drivers.

As the video continues, the train honks and passes in front of the drivers.

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Alexandria: What OSE sources say about the incident

As Mega's flagship news bulletin revealed, OSE sources say the restriction was not used in this particular case.

“On viewing the video, OSE found regulatory irregularities related to the coordination of the automatic level crossing system and the operation of the train. That is, when the system was activated, the delay in the arrival of the train at the level crossing exceeded 3.5 minutes, which was expected during the construction of the automatic system in question,” it asserted.

Drivers, for their part, respond that backup systems are not activated to lower the bars.

“The reserve mine that exists for these cases, next to the crossing, was not activated for some reason, and what we see in the video is that everything was done according to the rules, in these cases, that is, the train must pass. Go on foot and continue to whistle, check the road, and if it is free, slowly pass”.

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Residents insist that the latest incident took place at a crosswalk where many motorists and students pass by.

“You see, this is a crossing, this is where someone has to deal with, people get killed. I live across the street and I held a child in my arms who was killed,” said a resident who lives a few meters from the crossing.

A sworn administrative examination has been ordered into the incident.

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