February 26, 2024

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In addition to drugs, they found dozens of rare Lego sets

In addition to drugs, they found dozens of rare Lego sets

Australian police have seized dozens of Lego sets in the Australian state of Victoria during a drug trafficking investigation.

A 45-year-old man was arrested after searches in areas around Melbourne.

Police said they found him Nearly 70 kilograms of chemicals that could be used to make methylamphetamine Worth A$2 million and about $600,000 worth of a drug similar to GHB, “rape pills.”

They also found five luxury watches, a pistol, a globe, and ammunition.


Among the toy collections are Star Wars (expensive and rare) and Lord of the Rings. Victoria Police said the Lego set was suspected to be the product of crime.

This is not the first time Victoria Police has made an arrest Value lego sets. In another case, 1,130 boxes worth more than $200,000 were seized during a raid on a methamphetamine lab in Melbourne in November.

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