May 21, 2024

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In SMERC of Nikos Karamouzis the percentage of the continental bottling industry

In SMERC of Nikos Karamouzis the percentage of the continental bottling industry

The acquisition of its participation was announced today Continental packing industry In the company IBSA SA from Agria Emporiki SAWhich controls the investment fund SMEremediumCap Since last June.

This development comes as a continuation of leave Ha Continental Packing Industry – Ficus (Family interests sebeta) from ibsa, Decade After the first investment (where it acquired a 25% stake) in the soft drinks industry in Thessaly. the “Land Trade” It is a company created by the family Tsuto (EPSA Founders) during the acquisition of a majority of EPSA shares by SMERemediumCap. Prior to the acquisition of the remaining 25% of EPSA, the main shareholder of Agria Emporiki with 65.22% was SMERemediumCap, while Michael Tsotos controlled 14.15%, Panagiota Tsotto with a similar percentage and Evi Anastasia Moskahlidi with 6.48%.

the SMEremediumCap Chairman Nikos Karamouzis He said: “Our deep appreciation goes to Petros Sepetas and his family as well as to his successful business cycle that constantly creates economic and social value. We decided after friendly and fruitful discussions that it would be best for all parties involved to follow an independent course of action, with SMERC buying out Continental Bottling’s shareholding in EPSA, so that “The two companies can smoothly implement their business plan. Having ambitious development plans and strategy, without mutual obligations and restrictions, in a healthy competitive environment we will support the dynamic development of EPSA so that it can play a leading role in the market.”

Head of Continental Industry Petros Sepetas He made the following statement: “After announcing the large investment program worth 100 million euros over five years, we decided, Ten years after our involvement, we withdraw our investments from EPSA, considering that it does not make sense for us to remain investors in this scheme, without this meaning that our paths will not cross again in the future. We are committed to our strategic plan to grow by strengthening our market position. We are the largest bottled water company in Greece and the largest Greek soft drinks company in the country. We continue to aim higher, in line with our values ​​and strategy.”

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