April 1, 2023

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In the pole vault final Stefanidi, Kyriakopoulou was eliminated

European Athletics

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Katerina Stephanidis cleared 4.55m. And he managed to qualify for the pole vault final of the European Championships, on the other hand, Nicole Kyriakopoulou was disqualified.

Katerina Stefanidis qualifies for the pole vault final of the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul It is scheduled for Saturday afternoon (04/03, 18.05).

Thus the great Greek champion will have the opportunity to claim another medal in her monumental career. Katerina Stefanidis started her race from 4.45 metres.

She passed this height on her second attempt and then went to 4.55m. which she overcame with the first, and sealed her presence in the final.

Nicole Kyriakopoulou started her race from 4.10m. anyShe sewed on her second attempt and then passed with her first at 4.30 metres.

He then made three invalid attempts at 4.45m. Thus, she finished her race in fifteenth place.

Eight of the final

  1. Vilma Murto (Finland) 4.55m.
  2. Tina Soti (Slovenia), 4.55m.
  3. Katerina Stefanidis 4.55m.
  4. Michaela Meagher (Sweden) 4.55m
  5. Margot Severer (France), 4.55m.
  6. Angelica Moser (Switzerland) 4.55m.
  7. Roberta Bruni (Italy), 4.45m.
  8. Amali Svabikova (Czech Republic) 4.45 million.

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