April 19, 2024

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“In the trenches” of Kassalakis and Pleuris for military service.

“In the trenches” of Kassalakis and Pleuris for military service.

On Friday afternoon, Stephanos Kassalakis walked through the central gate of Thebes training camp to complete his tenure with the artillery.

Photojournalists and cameramen recorded the moment of entry, which saw documents and personal belongings checked by the authorities who received him, but removed those that were not allowed during his service.

He himself, through a post on his personal Instagram account with a black and white photo, described the day as important for “every Greek”. “The Expatriate's Child”. That's why he declared, “I'm proud to serve our country — even for a few weeks.” A homeland as he mentioned “I have decided to serve her for the rest of my life”.

“Professional Army, 8 Euros Unacceptable”

Earlier, of course, SYRIZA's president opposed compulsory conscription, arguing that the ES should become exclusively professional.

“Must change the mandatory term and Army must become professionalStefanos Kasselakis initially reported to ANT1 and opposed the adoption of social service for both boys and girls. He called the incident unacceptable “Our soldiers are paid less than 8 euros a month and their families live in poverty”They are forced to interrupt their lives as they are forced to provide financial support for this period.

Thanos Plevris “picks up his gun”.

Driven by this hatred of speech, Thanos Pluris comments ironically “The leader of Syriza thinks we are on the border of Luxembourg and Belgium”.

According to the MP and Deputy Parliamentary Representative of ND, Stefanos Kasselakis says all this, “he will trouble the Greek army with his presence for 20 days, and he will pay the rest he has to serve”.

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Thanos Plevris enlisted in Megalo Befkos and served as a commando.