June 19, 2024

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Inconvenience for old woman: KTEL driver forgets her in the middle of Egnatia

Inconvenience for old woman: KTEL driver forgets her in the middle of Egnatia

An unprecedented incident occurred on Sunday, April 7, at noon, outside Grevena, when a 75-year-old woman was “forgotten” by a KTEL driver on Egnatia Odos while returning from Arta to Thessaloniki.

According to thestival.gr website, the 75-year-old was visiting a village in Arda for her husband's funeral. On her way back to Thessaloniki, where she lives, Egnatia had to wait for more than an hour at a car service station in Odos, when the driver of the Artas KTEL bus she was riding in, got out without noticing her absence.

For her good fortune, The 75-year-old was picked up by a school excursion bus returning to Thessaloniki and halted at the station. The teachers, who learned about the old girl's adventure, were ready to take her to the school headquarters, 20 kilometers from Thessaloniki. Her son took the girl from there.

According to the woman's lawyer, Apostalos Zaros: “An employee of the restaurant called the KTEL Arta bus station and asked the bus driver for the mobile phone. Although he explained the situation, he was told that it could not be given to him because it was personal data, as he said. Finally, after some time, they gave it to him. The man called him. He asked the bus to stop where it was and take the woman there. However, the driver remained characteristically nonchalant and continued his journey.”.

“The girl's adventure may have had a happy ending, but He suffered greatly, which is due to the negligence of the driver to perform his duties adequately. There were only ten people in the bus and he had to have a picture of his passengers. An old woman is a characteristic figure. “She probably didn't have any money because she knew that she would be taken by KTEL and then her son would pick her up,” he added.

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A 75-year-old man was asked to comment on his adventure. Chairman of KTEL ArtasNektarios Mitsios pointed out: “I spoke to the lady and told her she was absolutely right. Unfortunately, the driver did not count the people on the bus. When they called him, he had already arrived at Gozani. For my part, I will initiate all the procedures recommended for the driver»