June 19, 2024

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Instagram: testing a new service that users don’t like at all

Instagram: testing a new service that users don’t like at all

One person noted that there is a new feature on the platform that makes users want to delete the app

If you use it Instagramyou will be aware of the flood advertisements Which users are facing now. Sometimes it can feel like every post from an account you follow falls in between advertisementswhile the stories are also full Unsolicited product advertisements.

Of course, social media platforms rely on advertising to keep them going – and to keep them free for users – but now it seems they want to take it… one step further.

now, Instagram Try “Non-skippable ads” According to reports from some users, the function called “Commercial break”.

Screenshots shared on Xformer Twitter, display a countdown timer in the feed, and then a promotional video post appears. Users cannot scroll past the post until the entire video has played.

Clicking the information button displays the following message: “You are watching a commercial break”.

What is a commercial break?

Ad breaks are a new way to watch ads Instagram. Sometimes you may need to see an ad before continuing browsing.”

Ads were first introduced to the platform on 2013. In fact, court filings released last month revealed that in 2021, its ads will go public Instagram They brought $32.4 billion For the owner of the Meta application – 27% of the company’s total revenues.

As expected, people are not happy with the move to push more ads.

In the XOne user wrote: “Oh, my God, Instagram He added “ad breaks” where they don’t let you scroll until three seconds have passed. If that happens, I will delete the app.

However, it should be noted that in Europe, Instagram users are offered a subscription to browse Instagram Ad-free to comply with privacy regulations. It costs €9.99 if purchased directly, or €12.99 if purchased through Google Play or the App Store.

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