May 22, 2024

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Intel discontinues 13th generation Core K (Raptor Lake) series processors – Intel

Intel discontinues 13th generation Core K (Raptor Lake) series processors – Intel

Intel Corporation Established To discontinue the entire “K” series of 13th generation core processors (double unlocked models) codenamed “Raptor Lake”.

according to Official announcement of the product change, the company will stop accepting orders for processor models such as Core i9-13900KS, Core i9-13900K, Core i9-13900KF, Core i7-13700K, Core i7-13700KF, Core i5-13600K, and Core i5-13600KF after May 24. 2024.

The final shipments to suppliers are expected to be completed by June 28. After this date, availability of Intel Core K-series “Raptor Lake” processors is expected to decrease significantly while prices are expected to rise significantly, while supplies last. The removal of the 13th generation Intel Core K-series processors comes just over a year after their release (late 2022).

The “Raptor Lake” processors offered increased performance over the previous “Alder Lake” generation as they had higher “clocks”, more cache, additional “performance” cores, and enough power to compete with AMD's Ryzen 7000 units in many different workloads.


Interestingly, Intel has not discontinued its 12th generation “Alder Lake” processors, indicating that they are expected to be available for some time to come. While the end of the sale of overclockable Raptor Lake K series processors is somewhat unfortunate for demanding users, there is also a silver lining: it paves the way for stocks of 14th Gen cores to slowly be depleted before the next generation of processors arrives.

Intel's 15th generation Core processors codenamed “Arrow Lake” and officially called “Core Ultra 2xx-series” may be officially unveiled at the upcoming Computex show in June. According to information, the “Arrow Lake” series will consist of models with up to 8x performance cores (Lion Cove), 16x efficiency cores (Skymont) and LP (low power) cores at least in the first phase (it is rumored that the updated series will have up to 32x efficient cores) plus a discrete Neural Processing Unit (NPU). According to reports, the “Arrow Lake” series is expected to be manufactured using Intel's 20A method, while Intel has reportedly decided to abandon Concurrent Multithreading technology, also known as Intel HyperThreading.

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