May 22, 2024

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Ioannidis becomes a million-plus player and he deserves it

Ioannidis becomes a million-plus player and he deserves it

The clearly negative attitude of Panathinaikos in the possible sale of Ioannidis, whom the “Greens” have already “moved” to the market, the “no” to Eintracht and Sevilla, and the relationship of absolute trust and respect with Al-Fouzos and his reward with benefits are representative of the situation he now has in the team.

His competitive status has taken off in the past year… Since his foundational year last year where he convinced even the most demanding fans, Fotis Ioannidis is now enjoying a season of absolute confirmation and recognition, as the best Greek striker competing for the World Cup this season. Moment in Stoiximan Super League.

Goals (20 so far, and he still has a way to go…), assists (7 in number, because he never learned to act selfishly), great performances, leadership behavior on and off the pitch. He has “grown” a lot, developed unimaginably, matured as a person and as a player, and he is no longer him “…the 20-year-old Fotakis who came to claim his chance.” In the summer of 2020, but the “Foutaras” friends of Panathinaikos, the most improved Greek footballer of the last two years, who has now become the symbol and mainstay of the next. As such, he is being handled by the club itself, but also by PAE's owner, Yannis Alfozos.

Dozens of teams have been following him closely for a year, and many other teams have been written, are being written and will be written in the coming months, after all his “performances” on the field, such as the one he made last Sunday (10/3) in El Clásico with Olympiacos in Valero. But the bottom line is that for Panathinaikos they have no idea, mood or intention to enter into a discussion process with anyone interested in a potential sale in the summer. Quite the opposite…

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“No” to Eintracht and Seville

Eintracht Frankfurt were the only ones to officially come close to Panathinaikos a few months ago, when Ioannidis scored goal after goal in the European Cups. An approach that has been relayed through an agent as the German side are willing to offer an eight-figure sum for the 24-year-old striker. Panathinaikos didn't even discuss it

“…Fotis is not for sale” was transferred by “Clover” and Sevilla, following an inquiry (informal approach) conducted by the Spanish team who wanted to know if Ioannidis was for sale and at what price. Atalanta, Bologna, Sporting Lisbon and Stuttgart have him at the top of their watchlists. And several other European teams have not expressed any intentions and are examining him more “calmly”.

The market has been told that “no”

However, Panathinaikos, regardless of the negative answers it has given so far, has made sure through agents (and not only) to inform and “pass” the market that Ioannidis is not for sale. He wants to keep him for years, he wants to be his leader the next day and he means it…

To get the Greens to think about something more, a truly unrealistic proposal would have to come in unapproachable numbers. This is still very hypothetical. But what they consider in “Clover” is that when such an offer comes in the distant (rather than near) future, it will have to “break” every precedent in selling a Greek footballer.

A decision that was made a long time ago

For Panathinaikos, what matters is the 'now' and what he must do in terms of Ioannidis' reward, with a contract that will now be representative of his status, role and presence at Panathinaikos.

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As a confirmation from the club itself of everything Ioannidis means and represents in the team at this moment. This has nothing to do except with any “pressure” that may exist in the near future with possible proposals from abroad (and even more so, if he goes to Euro 2024 with the national team, as a main striker). But it is a decision that Yannis Al-Fouzos made long ago, after we built a relationship of absolute honesty, respect and trust with each other's words.

Ioannidis himself is not “burned out.”

And in all this, what Ioannidis himself says and feels is also very important. What it shows is that he is not currently making transfer a priority. He would like to do this sometime in the future, but not right away, as he first wants to have fun and pursue many things with Panathinaikos. When that moment comes, he trusts in the club, but also in himself that the timing will be perfect for everyone.

Profit 10 times in a year

In 2020, when he was acquired from Levadiakos for €100,000 (plus a reported 20% resale percentage), Ioannidis signed a four-year contract with annual earnings approaching €100,000.

On 10 May 2023, when he signed an early extension of his partnership until 2027, he saw his annual earnings reach a total of €500,000.

Now, in the new contract renewal (until 2028) that the Greek striker will be required to sign by May, his earnings will double and exceed a million annually!

Within one year, Ioannidis will increase his salary tenfold at Panathinaikos. And this is something he fully deserves, as he now enters the salary bracket of the team's “first names”, based on his offer and the role he now plays in the “clover”.

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