February 20, 2024

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Ioannina: Falling from an apartment balcony into space

Ioannina: Falling from an apartment balcony into space

A man has been hospitalized after falling from an apartment balcony in Ioannina. What eyewitnesses to the tragedy report…

At a hospital in Ioannina, a 78-year-old man was injured after falling into space from the first-floor balcony of an apartment building. The unfortunate man was doing the job when he slipped and fell into the void, according to eyewitnesses. Ambulance and rescue team rushed to the spot and administered first aid to him. They kept him alive, and now the old man is in the hands of doctors at the “Hatchikosta” hospital.

It happened on the afternoon of Saturday, February 10, when a 78-year-old Greek man fell from a 1st floor balcony in the Ampelokipi area of ​​Ioannina.

According to Epirus-TV, the old man was doing some work outside his house in view of today's bad weather, under circumstances that have not been clarified, when he slipped and was found in the void.

The police and the EKAV mobile unit rushed to the scene and took the old man to Hatzikosta Hospital.

A 78-year-old man remains hospitalized with orthopedic injuries.

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